Moving Averages Calculator

Moving Averages Calculator

The Moving Averages Calculator can be used to help determine N or the number of results to use in a mean or median calculation. Customers may use this tool regardless of the version of Instrument Manager you have installed but is especially useful to those with IM v8.10 to v8.15.

Use the SM Workspace available below to gather information from Instrument Manager you will need in the calculator. After downloading both the SM Workspace and Moving Averages Calculator, watch the video below which will explain how to use both tools and get you started using Moving Averages.

Step 1

Download the SM Workspace

Download the Moving Averages SM Workspace file.

Download SM Workspace File »

Step 2

Download the Calculator

Download the Moving Averages Calculator and open it up.

Download Calculator File »

Step 3

Watch and Follow the Video

Click the button below to watch the video and follow along to start using the MA calculator

How to Use the MA Calculator »