Moving Averages

Moving Averages from Instrument Manager

Proactively detect systematic changes between QC cycles, so you can catch and correct issues in real-time

Your lab has enough to manage with increased pressure to produce more results with fewer staff. What’s worse is when you have to spend time you don’t have on result rework due to incorrect results. Or, if you have to worry about down instruments or conduct costly extra QC cycles to build confidence in your results and instruments in the first place.

Moving Averages & Moving Medians from Instrument Manager lets you proactively detect systematic changes between QC cycles. By using patient values as they move through Instrument Manager, you can catch and correct issues in real-time with no additional QC costs – and, with multi-channel notifications that alert you if there’s a problem.

Key Features

Eliminate result rework… or worse

With less result rework, you can focus on producing new results, ensuring the most timely delivery to the patients who need them

Bolster your QC confidence

Avoid costly extra QC runs, knowing that when an instrument starts to drift, you’ll be alerted immediately

Protect your lab’s reputation

Identify problematic results before they reach patients and practitioners, protecting your credibility

Smarter QC saves time and money

By reducing test re-runs, you'll improve instrument efficiency, and reduce hard costs for repeat QC and reagents


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