Driving Uptime Reliability through Lab GPS

Cloud-hosted Product Helps Optimize Clinical Lab Uptime and Productivity

DI Digest – Q3, 2023

Have you noticed? As businesses become bigger, one quality that often falls by the wayside is reliability. Acquisitions and expansions introduce new technology, new lines of business and bureaucracy, which can complicate operations and slow down performance. Too often, the result is less reliable business output and compromised customer service.  

At Data Innovations, nearly 35 years after our inception, we remain 100 percent dedicated to one goal: helping laboratories improve their performance to deliver the best possible patient care. We have done this by developing an entire suite of lab enablement services spanning connectivity, productivity, quality control, data intelligence, and reliability. All of our products and services have evolved by us listening to you, our customers, and by developing innovative solutions to meet your needs. We not only work to deliver reliable solutions for our customers, we strive for those solutions to help you more reliably serve your own customers.  

This is why, following the launch of Instrument Manager 2023, we are excited to roll out another new product release in 2023: Lab GPS. It’s no secret that downtime is one of the leading challenges facing labs today. As specialists in lab connectivity, we tackled this issue by developing Lab GPS, an all-in-one connectivity monitoring and troubleshooting platform.  

With Lab GPS, laboratorians can monitor the connectivity status of all LIS instances, lab instruments, and third-party connections linked to Instrument Manager™ through a single platform. Automated notifications alert staff anytime a connection stops transmitting data. Troubleshooting tools enable lab techs with no IT expertise to investigate outages and, in some cases, restart connections. All of this can be done remotely through a single-sign-on web application.  

Using Lab GPS, laboratorians are empowered to maximize uptime like never before. Moreover, because it is powered by Instrument Manager, Lab GPS also monitors the connectivity status of internal backup and disaster recovery servers through our High Availability & Disaster Recovery solution. These solutions work together to make sure that whenever downtime occurs – whether it’s one instrument or an entire lab site – recovery occurs as quickly as possible with no lost data.  

The capabilities of Lab GPS were refined by working closely with customers in beta, and we’re delighted to hear positive early feedback from its performance in actual deployment.  

If your lab would like a demo of Lab GPS, simply notify your DI representative or submit a request through the DI service portal. We look forward to helping your lab achieve new levels of reliable uptime performance!   

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