Premila’s Perspective: Limitless Lab Enablement

DI Digest – Q2 2024

When it comes down to it, everything done in a clinical lab is focused on patient care. Productivity, turnaround times, instrument precision, testing quality, and adherence to industry standards are all activities undertaken as part of the first step in the process of patient diagnosis and treatment.  

Yet with a shrinking pool of qualified laboratory technologists and technicians, healthcare providers have fewer resources to assign to the many critical activities that take place in the clinical laboratory.    

This is why we at Data Innovations are finding new ways to lighten the workload in labs while increasing laboratory performance. Today, I’m happy to show you a few of the ways we can help you optimize patient care with limitless lab enablement.  

Our New Technical Services  

As confirmed by the March 2024 edition of MedicalLab Management Magazine, Instrument Manager is the industry’s leading middleware software, with more than half of labs surveyed using IM. Yet, with the shrinking supply of qualified lab techs, many labs lack the resources, time and expertise to make the most of this powerful middleware.  

Our new technical services address this challenge by providing an easy way for labs to optimize their IM operations with a focus on proactive maintenance and best workflow practices. I’m excited to announce these new offerings:  

  • Our Technical Health Check ensures your IM platform is optimized for peak performance. This in-depth service can help your lab improve processing time of lab orders and results, while identifying potential issues before they turn into disruptions.  
  • AV Workflow Validation provides end-to-end autoverification validation testing and documentation for your lab’s IM system. Working with your lab team, this service can save you extensive lab time and resources, especially for large and complex rulesets. 
  • AV Workflow Analysis ensures DI best practices are enabled in your IM environment.  Your lab will not only gain improved performance but peace of mind, knowing that all of your IM workflows are set up to ensure optimal patient safety and turnaround times. 
Solutions for a Fully Optimized Lab 

In addition to these new technical services, did you know that DI offers a full spectrum of lab enablement solutions that can help your lab boost its performance while reducing resource hours in a variety of ways?  

Streamlining and Improving Quality and Compliance. Our suite of quality solutions ensures accurate patient results while expediting lab operations through automated services. IM modules such as Peer & Daily QC and Moving Averages, Moving Medians proactively detect issues before they reach the patient. Lab Proficiency Reporting significantly reduces resource time and eliminates the chance of manual errors by auto-transmitting IM data to lab accreditation agencies. And Our EP Evaluator product accelerates and improves the accuracy of instrument performance validation while delivering time-saving reporting that meets CLIA, CAP, The Joint Commission, and COFRAC requirements. 

Supporting Lab Uptime and Reliability. When unexpected downtime occurs, our High Availability & Disaster Recovery solutions work together to ensure your lab can recover quickly, with reliable data backup and minimal demands placed on IT. In addition, Lab GPS™ empowers laboratorians with all-in-one instrument and LIS monitoring, plus the ability to remotely troubleshoot and restart IM connections through either the desktop or mobile app.  

Data Mining and Informatics. With access to the right data and insights, labs can track, analyze and upgrade their performance. Our Open Data Exchange connection delivers automated data pulls from Instrument Manager into Excel or Crystal Reports. Lab Intelligence is a comprehensive KPI tracking, data insights and reporting program that enables labs to pinpoint opportunities for improved operations and patient care. 

To learn more about any of these solutions, reach out to us today. Or schedule a time to meet with us at this summer’s ADLM Annual Meeting , July 28 – August 1, in Chicago. Together, we can lift your lab to new heights of performance!  

Premila Peters 
President, Data Innovations

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