Lab GPS v2.0 Launch Announcement

August 15, 2023

Data Innovations (DI) announces the availability of Lab GPS v2.0.  This is a major release for our first cloud-hosted SaaS product. Lab GPS is only available to direct Data Innovations customers in the United States using Instrument Manager™.

Lab GPS minimizes costly lab downtime and improves patient care through:

Monitoring and visibility of all LIS and instrument connections across lab sites
Automated notifications of downed connections
Remote connection restart capability from anywhere
Time-saving troubleshooting tools for IT administrators

Lab GPS v2.0 was designed to decrease connectivity downtime and improve lab productivity by enabling lab professionals and LIS administrators to quickly resolve connectivity problems.  

  • The web app provides a single dashboard for monitoring all LIS and instrument connections across multiple sites.
  • Connectivity problems are easily detected with colored alerts, and laboratory performance can be viewed at-a-glance with Specimens Held and unreleased Critical results.
  • Automated email notifications are generated any time an Instrument Manager, LIS or instrument connection stops transmitting data. Lab GPS v2.0 offers a robust alert and notification system that allows users to choose when they would like specific connections to be monitored and who should receive email notifications.
  • Depending on their designated role and security level, staff can stop and start connections using any device with web access.
  • An audit log within Lab GPS records user actions of connection starts and stops.

Lab GPS provides integration with our customers’ Single Sign-On provider through an industry standard SAML 2.0 integration. The customer’s credentialing providers can send security groups to Lab GPS for auto-provisioning of access. 

Lab GPS is offered as a one-year and three-year subscription based upon the number of Instrument Manager connections.

You can find more information on Lab GPS on our website here.

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