Instrument Manager

Instrument Manager

End-to-end enablement for labs of every size

IM 2023 is here!

ReIMagine your IM experience with IM 2023

Book a demo with our team to learn more about the improvements IM 2023 will bring to your lab, including:

  • The DI Gateway – a web-app platform with completely redesigned and modernized user interface
  • Test Properties, the first web-app offered in the DI Gateway that increases efficiencies with rules writing – and more!
  • A move to the InterSystems IRIS data platform for improved cybersecurity.

End-to-end solutions to integrate, optimize, and standardize your entire lab

Instrument Manager has delivered industry-leading lab enablement solutions for more than 30 years. We empower labs to optimize patient care through transformative laboratory enterprise management solutions spanning Connectivity, Quality, Productivity, Analytics & Intelligence, and Performance & Reliability.

Solution Capabilities

Lab-wide and multi-lab integration, enabling an open and expansive ecosystem to integrate virtually any instrument regardless of vendor

A second line of quality defense with real-time, proactive capabilities to catch, correct, manage, and report on issues as they arise

Real-time analytics – powered by tools you use – for operational insight into bottlenecks, efficiency issues, and key KPIs

Flexible, powerful productivity solutions tailored to your lab’s unique processes so you can focus on what’s important

Always-on High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure seamless lab operations

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DI Driver and Software Compatibility

To ensure compatibility of IM 2023, 9.00.00 or later with all Data Innovations (DI) drivers and software, see the IM 2023, v.9.00.00 or later Compatibility Information document.

My DI Community Users

CWP users: sign in to your regional CWP and select the IM 2023 9.00.00 (or later) Instrument Manger Documentation resource to locate the IM 2023, v9.00.00 or later Compatibility Information link.

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