Instrument Manager Version Calculator

Upgrade to IM 2020 edition, version 8.17.20, today and get the most updated software for your lab

Every version of Instument Manager includes new and updated features for our customers. Select your current version to see the list of new features you'll receive when you upgrade to the IM 2020 edition, version 8.17.20.

Select your current version of Instrument Manager

Access these new features with your upgrade!
✓ Timezone Awareness
✓ User auto-provisioning with LDAP
✓ Launch 3rd party apps within SM Workspace
✓ Load new licenses without IM restart
✓ Enhanced Moving Averages Desktop
✓ Calculator for ‘N’ from "Previous Results"
✓ Enhanced Disaster Recovery
✓ High Availability
✓ Simplified traceability
✓ Access to archive database via Lab Intelligence
✓ Open QC framework
✓ "Filter by" pane in SM Workspace
✓ Laboratory Intelligence
✓ Dynamic Filters
✓ Auto-logoff
✓ Re-authentication
✓ Moving Medians for Moving Averages
✓ Transformed algorithms for Moving Averages
✓ QC Bracketing
✓ Mean Bracketing for Moving Averages
✓ Enhanced Rules Engine
✓ Hematology Workflow for Specimen Management
✓ Improved SM Workspace
✓ Simplified IM Installation (Single Disc)
✓ 64-bit OS Support
✓ Notifier pop-up compatibility for Windows 7 & 2008
✓ Discontinue LAT support
✓ Software Security Key for virtual environments
✓ Enhanced SM Workspace (filter/color code/etc.)
✓ QC integration improvements w/Bio-Rad Unity Real-Time
✓ Enhanced Status Display window
Supported Operating Systems in IM 2020
Windows 8.1 Professional • Windows 10 Professional • Windows Server 2012 R2 • Windows Server 2016 • Windows Server 2019
Supported Browsers in IM 2020
Microsoft™ Edge • Microsoft™ Internet Explorer 11 • Note: Data Innovations validates IM using Internet Explorer and Edge, for all other browsers the customer is responsible for validating the use of the browser