Data Innovations Releases EP Evaluator v12.4

Colchester, VT (Dec. 6, 2023) – EP Evaluator v12.4 was released on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. This patch added support for current Windows Operating Systems and resolved 3 known issues.

This patch:

  • Added support for Microsoft Windows® 11 Professional, Windows Server® 2019, and Windows Server 2022.
  • Resolved known issue: Resolved an issue where the Digital Signature for EP Evaluator was expired.
    • Resolution: Updated the Digital signature and the expiration date.
  • Resolved known issue: Resolved an issue where the “send bug report” feature could not report due to a FTP server being down.
    • Resolution: The feature was disabled in the software.
  • Resolved known issue: Error is generated when creating a Limit of Quantitation report.
    • Resolution: Added the loqr.drl to the installation.

Data Innovations recommends that customers upgrade to the latest version EP 12.4. There is no additional charge to upgrade for customers with a current subscription.

For more information about EP Evaluator, visit the EP Evaluator webpage or contact your regional Sales Department.

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