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Driver Help Information

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Driver Help Information


DI provides cabling for interfacing.
Mode = Communication Mode which is Uni-Directional (Uni), Bi-Directional (Bi), and/or Query.

Cable Interfacing

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Data Innovations welcomes the opportunity to meet your needs by developing new interface drivers. If you do not see a needed interface driver listed click the button on the right and submit the New Driver Request Form to Data Innovations. Please fill out the form as completely as possible, and return it to Data Innovations.

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Applied Biosystems
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
7900HT abi79hti Uni 8.00.0001 Molecular, Microbiology
7900HT Fast Real Time PCR System abi79kpi Uni 8.00.0001 Molecular, Microbiology
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
EMR Use the Data Innovations LLC Configurable HL7 LIS (diihl7ml) driver for the EMR. - - Information System, EHR/EMR
ARG Swiss Medical
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
ASTM-1238 LIS asmastml Bi 8.00.0001 Information System, HIS/LIS
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
AE-4020 AE-4022 arkae42i (ASTM Format) Uni 8.00.0001 Urinalysis
AE-4020 AX-4030 iri4270i (Can be found under the International Remote Imaging Systems Inc. {IRIS} manufacturer) Uni 8.00.0005 Urinalysis
AU-4050 Cross Check Module arkxchki Uni 8.00.0001 Urinalysis
AUTION AU-4050 (CHM module) ark4050i Bi 8.00.0001 Urinalysis
AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 (FCM module) Use the Sysmex Corporation UF-1000i (sysuf1ki) driver for the AU-4050 (FCM module). - - Urinalysis
AUTION Max AX-4030 ark4030i Bi, Query 8.00.0004 Urinalysis
DiaScreen 50 arkds50i - Beta Urinalysis
HA-8180 ark8180i Bi 8.00.0002 Chemistry
Osmometer 6050 arkos60i Uni 8.00.0002 Chemistry
Associated Regional And University Pathologists (ARUP)
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
Reference Lab Interface (HL7) arphl7hi Bi 8.00.0014 Information System, Reference Lab
Atlas Medical
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
LabWorks HL7 LIS atlhl7ml Bi 8.00.0003 Information System, HIS/LIS
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
Flex Star Plus autflxpi Bi 8.00.0001 Sample Prep
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
LIS Use the Data Innovations LLC Advanced Configurable Delimited LIS (diicfgdl) driver and its Autoscribe LIS Configuration File for the Autoscribe LIS. - - Information System, HIS/LIS
Avery Dennison
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
Monarch 9825/9855 Barcode Printer avdm98kb Uni 8.00.0001 Print Driver
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
AVOXimeter 4000 avxmt4ki Uni 8.00.0003 Chemistry, Blood Gas
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
ART Management Systems Use the Data Innovations LLC Consolidated CDF (diiccdfl) driver for the ART Management Systems. - - Information System, EHR/EMR, Blood Bank
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
9000 Emulator bak9010e Uni Controlled Emulator
9010 bak9010i Bi, Query 8.00.0002 Hematology
BCS Italia
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
Priamo Use the Data Innovations LLC Configurable ASTM LIS (diicastl) driver and its Priamo Configuration file for the Priamo. - - Information System, HIS/LIS
Beckman Coulter
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
250 300 450 500 iri2345i Uni 8.00.0003 Chemistry, Urinalysis
900UDx (Simple Handshake) iria900i Uni 8.00.0002 Chemistry, Urinalysis
AJ-4270 AX-4280 AX-4250 AE-4020 iri4270i Uni 8.00.0005 Chemistry, Urinalysis
iChem 100 Use the Quidel UrinQuick (quiurini) driver for the iChem 100. - - Chemistry, Urinalysis
iQ 200 Automated Microscopy System AX-4280 (when connected to the iQ computer) iChem Velocity iRICELL 1000 iRICELL 1500 iRICELL 2000 iRICELL 3000 iriq200i Bi, Query 8.00.0018 Chemistry, Urinalysis, Automation
Iris Roller 20PN Use the AliFax Test1 Roller20 (alifaxai) driver for the Iris Roller 20PN. - - Hematology, ESR
Yellow iriyeloi Uni 8.00.0004 Chemistry, Urinalysis
Yellow Emulator iriyeloe Uni Controlled Chemistry, Urinalysis, Emulator
Beckman Coulter Inc.
System or Device DriverName Mode Version Category
ACL Advance ACL Futura ACL Top IL ACL Top (300, 500, 700) ACL Top Family Series (750, 550, 350) bkmftrai Bi 8.00.0018 Hematology, Coagulation
AcT 5diff ASTM bkmac5ai Bi 8.00.0008 Hematology
AcT Series (100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000) AcT Diff 2 bkmactsi Uni 8.00.0005 Hematology
ACT5 Diff bkmact5i Bi 8.00.0006 Hematology
Appraise bkmaprsi Uni 8.00.0004 Chemistry, Immunochemistry
Aquios bkmaqosi Bi, Query 8.00.0002 Flow Cytometry
Array/Array CE 360 bkmarryi Bi, Query 8.00.0004 Chemistry, Immunochemistry
AU Connector olyaconi Bi Beta Chemistry
AU Series AU400 640 2700 5400 olya640i Bi, Query 8.00.0023 Chemistry
AU Series AU600 olya600i Query 8.00.0003 Chemistry
AU3000i oly3000i Query 8.00.0001 Chemistry
AU400, 600, 640 Emulator olya640e Bi Controlled Emulator
AU5200 oly5200i Query 8.00.0004 Chemistry
AU800 olya800i Query 8.00.0003 Chemistry
AutoMate PrepLink ASTM Cennexus Power Express Automate 800/600 bkmaplki Bi 8.00.0012 Automation
Beckman Sorting-Driver Version 2 Automate 2500 bkmsrtdi Bi 8.00.0004 Sorter
CX CX7 Emulator LX20 Emulator Synchron CX-n Emulator PrepLink Series Emulator bkmscx7e Bi Controlled Emulator
CX3 bkmscx3i Bi 8.00.0005 Chemistry
CX3 Delta Synchron CX4CE, CX5CE, CX7, CX9 All Deltas Datalink LX20 (CX7 Mode), LX4201 bkmscx7i Bi, Query 8.00.0014 Chemistry
CX4/CX5 bkmscx5i Bi 8.00.0002 Chemistry
Cytomics Epics XL with System II Software bkmepici Uni Controlled Flow Cytometry
DDC Emulator bkmaddce Bi Controlled Emulator
DxC 700 AU bkma700i Bi 8.00.0001 Chemistry
DxH 1601 Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. UniCel DxH 800/SMS (bkmdxh8i) driver for the DxH 1601. - - Hematology
DxH 300 bkmdxh3i Uni 8.00.0001 Hematology
DxH 500 bkmdxh5i Bi 8.00.0001 Hematology
DxH 520 Use the Beckman Coulter DxH 500 driver (bkmdxh5i) for the DxH 520. - - Hematology
DxH 600 Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. UniCel DxH 800/SMS (bkmdxh8i) driver for the DxH 600. - - Hematology
DxH 800 Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. UniCel DxH 800/SMS (bkmdxh8i) driver for the DxH 800. - - Hematology
DxH 900 Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. UniCel DxH 800/SMS (bkmdxh8i) driver for the DxH 900. - -
DxH SMS Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. UniCel DxH 800/SMS (bkmdxh8i) driver for the DxH SMS. - - Hematology
eLab Configurable ASTM LIS bkmcastl Bi 8.00.0001 Information System, HIS/LIS
FC 500 with CXP Software bkmcxpai Bi 8.02.0013 Hematology, Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry IM HL7 bkmchl7l Bi Beta Hematology, Flow Cytometry
FP 1000 bkmpp3ai Bi 8.02.0007 Hematology, Flow Cytometry
Gen-S Emulator bkmgense Bi Controlled Emulator
GEN-S Workstation HMX HMX in 2A Mode LH Workstation LH-500 LH-750 LH-780 MAXM in 2A Mode STKS in 2A Mode bkmgensi Bi 8.00.0028 Hematology
HITE 630 olyhitei Bi 8.00.0001 Chemistry, Electrophoresis
Immage bkmimagi Bi, Query 8.00.0006 Chemistry
Immage Emulator bkmimage Bi Controlled Emulator
Kaluza C Flow Cytometry Use the Data Innovations Standard ASTM Instrument (diiastmi) for the Kaluza C Flow Cytometry. - -
LabPro Microscan DMS (Walkaway) dadmscni Bi 8.00.0025 Microbiology, Micro - Isolate/Susceptibility
LH-1500 Sorter bkmlh15i Bi, Query 8.00.0011 Automation, Sorter
Line Computer Auto Login bkmautoi Uni 8.00.0003 Automation
LX20 Emulator (non CX7 mode) bkmlx2be Bi Controlled Emulator
MD Series (II, 8 and 16) bkmmd2ai Uni 8.00.0003 Hematology
Meqnet Link ASTM nifmeqni Bi 8.00.0001 Information System, Middleware
Meritage bkmmerti Bi 8.00.0001 Chemistry
Mini-Stacker Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. T-Series and STKR (bkmtseri) driver for the Mini-Stacker. - - Sample Prep, Chemistry, Immunochemistry
Navios bkmc600i Bi, Query 8.02.0010 Hematology, Flow Cytometry
OASYS olyoaysi Bi, Query 8.00.0007 Automation
ODV eL@b olyodvai Bi, Query 8.00.0003 HIS/LIS
OLA 2500 Sorting-Drive Automate2500 oly25sdi Bi, Query 8.00.0013 Automation, Sorter
Olympus AU480 AU680 AU5800 olya680i Bi, Query 8.00.0018 Chemistry
Olympus Reply Emulator olyrplye Bi Controlled Emulator
ONYX F bkmonyxi Uni 8.00.0004 Hematology
Paragon CZE 2000 bkmprgni Uni 8.00.0005 Chemistry, Electrophoresis
PK7100/PK7200/PK7300 oly7200i Uni 8.00.0007 Blood Bank, Transfusion Medicine, Microbiology
PrepLink bkmprlki Bi 8.00.0010 Automation
PrepLink Emulator Use the Beckman Coulter Inc. CX CX7 Emulator (bkmscx7e) driver for the PrepLink Emulator. - Controlled Emulator
Remisol 2000 ASTM nifrem2i Bi, Query 8.00.0017 Information System, Middleware
Remisol 2000 ASTM Emulator nifrem2e Bi Controlled Information System, Middleware, Emulator
Remisol Advance bkmremal Bi 8.00.0006 Information System, Middleware
Sanofi Access DxI 600 DxI 800 Access 2 bkmacisi Bi, Query 8.00.0018 Chemistry, Immunochemistry
Sanofi Access Emulator bkmacise Bi Controlled Emulator
Sanofi Microplate Reader sdpmplri Uni 8.00.0004 Chemistry, Immunochemistry
STKS Emulator MAXM 1G1 Emulator MAXM Emulator cltmaxme Uni Controlled Emulator
STKS MAXM1G1 bkmmaxmi Uni 8.00.0006 Hematology
Synchron EL-ISE Electrolyte System bkmelisi Bi 8.00.0003 Chemistry