Data Innovations Releases JResultNet® 3.4.0

March 4, 2015 – South Burlington, VT

Data Innovations LLC, announces the release of JResultNet 3.4.0, featuring enhancements to overall functionality and security.

Included in these enhancements is the tray icon. It has been updated to allow independent starting and stopping of the JResultNet service and maintains a visual queue to the current system status representing the status by three different icons. Also, the log files for JResultNet have been reworked so that the logs files are preserved across reboots. This increases the ability for the user and Data Innovations’ support teams to debug issues that may occur.

An enhancement to the overall security includes Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to Shuttle® that now supports Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) encryption. FIPS is a type of encryption used with Window’s Remote Desktop Protocol. FIPS support was recently added to Microsoft Windows and the Shuttle OS being released supports FIPS as well. This allows customers, if needed, to access Shuttle without having to deviate from their corporate security policy and allow FIPS compliant access via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

The Java™ installation for DI Utilities and JResultNet is now independent from the Microsoft Windows® Java installation. This allows the customer to update their system’s Java version independently without negatively impacting their JResultNet or DI Utilities software. This is accomplished by providing a local copy of Java that the DI product utilizes.

“We are pleased to release the next version of JResultNet to our customer base,” said Mike Epplen, CEO of Data Innovations. “We are committed to continuously enhancing our products and enabling our customers to be successful.”

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