Data Innovations Releases Instrument Manager v8.16.00

June 14, 2018 – South Burlington, VT

Data Innovations (DI) today announces the launch of version 8.16 of Instrument Manager (IM), the latest version of the leading middleware product. This version provides technology enhancements to our Moving Averages module and Moving Averages Desktop to effectively monitor analytical performance.

In v8.16, a tool has been added that calculates the mean or median, the SD, and the number of results that is suggested to use for one data point or the ‘N’ in the protocol you are setting up. It uses your previous patient results in your IM database based on the filtering defined in the protocol to provide those recommendations. If you are comfortable with the recommendations the calculator provides, one button populates the protocol for you.

The Moving Averages Desktop has been enhanced to quickly set up multiple protocols to visually monitor. A notification bar (Red [Error] / Yellow [Warning] / Green [Normal] indicator) has also been added to provide a status of all your protocols actively being monitored regardless if they are currently being viewed on the desktop. With a glance, you now have a better perspective of how your whole enterprise is performing.

The desktop now has the ability to scroll backward in time to review moving averages/moving median points that have scrolled off the visual page and the ability to use time as the X-axis.

In parallel with the launch of IM v8.16, we have created the first-ever repository of analyte/algorithm combinations from actual users of Moving Means/Medians to provide peer-to-peer guidance.

For customers using IM v8.10 – v8.15, a Microsoft Excel®-based, supplemental tool is available to calculate the mean or median, the SD, etc.. similar to the tool incorporated in v8.16. A Specimen Workspace is provided to allow you to extract previous results from IM to populate the calculator with information. To receive information on tools and resources for Moving Averages as they are released, go to to sign up for notifications.

“This update is an industry game changer,” said Premila Peters, President, Data Innovations. “For the first time, we are providing significant guidance and tools on how to set up Moving Averages. We believe that the use of analytical tools like Moving Averages can be highly effective in helping labs to be proactive in detecting and acting on quality issues. IM v8.16 reflects our commitment to laboratory operational excellence.”

For more information about v8.16 of Instrument Manager, go to or contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments.

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