Data Innovations Releases Instrument Manager™ v8.12.2

April 12, 2013 – South Burlington, VT

Data Innovations (DI) today announces the release of version 8.12.20 of Instrument Manager, which expands the Moving Averages solution to allow nine additional algorithms to be added to the three existing algorithms in the Moving Averages module. These new additional algorithms include moving medians and eight transformed moving medians / moving averages algorithms using natural log and square root.

With the addition of these new algorithms, laboratorians now have the ability to monitor any and all instruments and assays across their entire institution using a variety of algorithms. In addition, the Moving Averages module can calculate your initial target mean, median and target standard deviation based on your patient population to provide a starting point for monitoring.

With this release, Instrument Manager supports fully automated “QC Bracketing”. This workflow, traditionally used in larger laboratory environments, determines if a group of specimens should be released based on the evaluation of pair of QC events. This new functionality combined with Instrument Manager’s autoverification capabilities provides large laboratories with the capabilities of having highly automated workcells with minimal manual verification. Instrument Manager also allows the laboratory to have workcells operating in a more traditional mode while other workcells use QC Bracketing to release specimens.

Additionally, throughput of the core Instrument Manager system was optimized to allow more specimens to be processed per hour than ever before. Instrument Manager is already recognized as a leader in high volume laboratory middleware and now it has taken a leap further. In internal testing, v8.12.20 had an increase of 400% in orders and results processed over version v8.11 using the same hardware.

“By adding the new algorithms, Data Innovations further extends the use and benefits of Moving Averages / Moving Medians,” said Mike Epplen, CEO, Data Innovations. “This integration and enhanced performance review will be able to take our customers labs to the next level.”

For more information about version 8.12.20 of Instrument Manager, go to or contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments

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