Data Innovations® Announces the Release of Instrument Manager™ v8.14


November 2, 2015- South Burlington, VT

Data Innovations (DI) today announces the release of version 8.14 of Instrument Manager(IM), the latest version of the leading middleware product, featuring new updates to Laboratory Intelligence, Rules Processing, third-party QC integration and SM Workspace screens.

Laboratory Intelligence, DI’s business analytical tool, is able to now data mine the long- term archive database of Instrument Manager in addition to the production database to provide a more in-depth historical perspective of your laboratory’s operations. New data elements known as fields have been added to the IM database to capture additional operational information for tracking your laboratory’s metrics. Additionally, access to your metrics can be controlled through user security.

A total of one hundred and thirteen data elements, actions and operators have been added to IM to further enhance our user-defined rules capabilities that drive key functionality like Autoverification. Laboratorians are already experiencing 95+% autoverification with Instrument Manager. With this further expansion of data elements, actions and operators, customers can achieve even higher levels of efficiency and productivity than before.

Instrument Manager has a large library of interfaces and integration to third-party Quality Control software; each having varying levels of integration. With v8.14, Instrument Manager introduces Open QC Framework which allows third-party vendors and LIS/LIMS vendors to develop or expand their Quality Control software integration with Instrument Manager. IM is now a gateway for greater functionality and seamless integration with more vendors than ever before.

SM Workspace, a key module within IM for reviewing results, can be highly customized today by applying filters for all or portions of the screens called panes. In addition, users can now customize the quick menu that appears when you right-click the mouse thereby making frequently-utilized actions only a click away.

Instrument Manager v8.14 has been validated with and now supports Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 and Microsoft Windows Server® 2012 R2.

“Instrument Manager V8.14 is the next step towards the future of Middleware”, said Mike Epplen, CEO, Data Innovations. “We continue to build on a strong and established solution to meet the needs and demands of your laboratory. Our improvements to Instrument Manager deliver deep capabilities in key areas that provide our customers the flexibility and scalability they seek in their middleware.”

For more information about version 8.14 of Instrument Manager contact our regional Sales & Marketing Departments.

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