Autoverification from Instrument Manager

Automated validation for up to 95%+ of test results across your lab

Your lab faces greater demands than ever. When you combine a shrinking pool of qualified personnel with increasing workloads and demands for decreased turnaround time, it’s more important than ever that labs have the right solutions to help them maximize expertise, streamline operations, and put patient care first.

Imagine adding an army of virtual lab techs dedicated to alleviating manual review tasks. With Instrument Manager™ Autoverification you can. Autoverification delivers an endlessly flexible rules-writing solution that helps you automate the essential but tedious and time-consuming work of validating every test result, freeing your lab technologists to put their expertise to work by focusing on true exceptions.

Key Features

Put your expertise to work

Use your expertise and time to deliver faster and better patient care by focusing on test exceptions

Your lab. Your rules.

Lab workflows aren’t one-size-fits-all. Unparalleled rule creation flexibility lets you tailor workflows for all disciplines

Faster result delivery

Virtually instantaneous delivery of results. Auto-verified results pass directly to your LIS or EMR for instant practitioner access

Save time and money

Lab staff are overburdened. With Autoverification, you’ll reduce workloads and process more results faster, saving time and money

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