ACE Award Nomination

Do you know someone that is always going that extra mile to get the job done? Someone who is always willing to take on that extra project to help the team out? Then you need to nominate them for an ACE award!

Example Guide
A&B She foresaw an influx to the VPN, and worked long after hours that day to ensure a driver was posted early to mitigate risk of delay.
A&B They worked through the weekend to troubleshoot tenant registration issues. Their focus and urgency ensured quicker resolution.
ACE He accepted a large role in SDP to redesign our KPI’s. He created a dashboard for the monthly review of these KPI’s, and collected data to ensure timely reporting. He overall worked tirelessly and outside work hours to collaborate with the regions in different time zones.
ACE He ensured new IM functionality was tested and trained across teams. He provided ongoing feedback and worked with Development on improvements. He created documentation to facilitate improvements across departments, as well as updated current manuals. He led workshops for multiple departments. His efforts were self-initiated and required significant ongoing work after hours.

Other Suggested Methods for Employee Recognition

Recognizer Recognition Alternative
Peer Submit a peer feedback form to their manager; can be done outside of the review cycle to credit work at any point of the year
Peer An emailed thank you to peer to show gratitude; additionally, can copy their manager for transparency of good work
Manager Recognition of managerial discretion, i.e. treating the employee/team to a lunch
Manager Public recognition of employee/team on a team or department call