More Time for Patient-Centric Activities and Less on Regulatory Compliance

For Sanford Broadway Clinic Laboratory, regulatory compliance tasks were onerous and diluting their time and attention from patient-focused activities. In order to gain efficiencies for quality and regulatory tasks they integrated Data Innovations’ Instrument Manager™ with EP Evaluator® and saw dramatic results.

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The Profile


Non-profit, integrated health care delivery system, with its headquarters based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with additional offices in Fargo and Bismarck, North Dakota.


Epic Beaker Clinical Pathology




4 million annual tests
(3 million in clinical chemistry)


  • 43 hospitals and 250 clinics
  • 600 Beds
  • 4 Reference (core) laboratories
  • Dakota's largest employer with approximately 27,000 people


  • A top 100 provider for cardiac care
  • Nationally ranked children’s hospital
  • Level II trauma center


Abbott Chemistry/Immunochemistry analyzers

Key Takeaways

  • Ability to easily, selectively and rapidly import data directly from Instrument Manager into EP Evaluator for use with Regulatory and Quality Assurance activities.
  • Instantly imports data direct from instrumentation to statistical modules and produces professional and printable reports summarizing results.
  • Significantly reduces time for data entry and report generation as required by CLIA, CAP and TJC. Sanford Health reduced time for data entry for instrument-to-instrument comparisons from ten hours to three seconds (a savings of 199%).
  • Total time to import data, the analysis and printing of reports is now only a few minutes on a semiannual basis
  • EP Evaluator produces ‘inspector-ready’ reports that are clear, concise and easy to interpret by the regulatory agencies’ laboratory inspection team.