Unify with JResultNet® is a smart way of integrating your Physician Office Laboratory analyzers with your EMR system. Data Innovations is the industry leaders in providing flexible, intelligent middleware solutions that are scalable for your size laboratory. Powerful enough to meet today’s demands and flexible enough to adapt to tomorrow’s changes. Helping you improve efficiency, quality, and improve patient care.

Benefits of Unify with JResultNet are:

  • Improve clinical process by delivering laboratory results to the EMR automatically and electronically, reducing clerical errors
  • Increase productivity by allowing staff to focus on more profitable and productive patient-centric activities
  • Streamline administrative workflow by reducing manual resulting
  • Result in greater overall efficiency and patient satisfaction
  • Operates on a next-generation small-footprint device (Shuttle™) or standard computer

Unify with JResultNet Connectivity includes:

  • Up to 3 instruments
  • Up to 2 EMR or other host connections
  • A library of more than 450 interfaces for LIS/EMR systems and instruments
  • User-defined criteria to automatically match orders with results and send to EMR
  • Hold & Match is the browser-based review screens for order/results exceptions
  • Support for industry standard protocol such as HL7, ASTM, XML, CSV and CDF protocols
  • Normalize data from disparate instruments through one standardized protocol to the LIS/EMR/EHR
  • Communications messages and data mapping can be easily tailored for specific EMR deployment requirements
  • Connectivity options include: Serial, TCP/IP connection, FTP, sFTP, network file shares, etc..