Data Innovations offers QualityQuality

Providing a Quality Suite of Quality Assurance and Quality Control solutions for your laboratory's needs.

Your laboratory spends countless hours each week ensuring regulatory compliance. It is a drain on an already overworked labor pool having to perform non-revenue generating actions. But you know it’s a part of doing business. That’s where Data Innovations comes in. Data Innovations Quality Suite provides you with integration and automation of your Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities, reducing time and the complexity required to perform these reoccurring and necessary tasks.

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Integrated Quality Control

Seamlessly integrate third-party QC systems, such as Bio-Rad Unity Real Time® and Thermo (MAS) LabLink™ xL with your result production.

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Moving Averages

Instantly and automatically detect when analytical errors occur without increasing operational costs.

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Integrated Quality Assurance

Integrate Quality Assurance programs, such as EP Evaluator™ to go from importing data from Instrument Manager to inspector-ready reports reports in minutes to ease regulatory compliance burden.

Laboratory Quality Control

Integrate with Instrument Manager and allow subsequent patient results to be held for review on the basis of QC violations or warnings.
*LQC is not currently available in the North America Market*

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Laboratory Maintenance

Manage laboraty maintenance by organizing, scheduling, reminding & documenting for compliance for all equipment.

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Proficiency Test Reporting

Automatically and electronically transmit proficiency test results to proficiency testing providers.

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