Data Innovations offers Productivity


Improved laboratory productivity and efficiency with autoverification rates of 95% to 99.5%.

In today’s environment, the clinical laboratory can become home to the perfect storm: a shrinking pool of qualified personnel, combined with an increasing workload and the expectation of decreasing turnaround time. Our Productivity Solutions take care of the mundane tasks which frees your limited resources (medical technologists) to focus on the true exceptions - utilizing those critical resources more wisely and efficiently.

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Achieves 95% to 99% client-centric autoverification, reduces TAT, staff fatigue, improves productivity of the lab and allows medical technologists to focus on the true "problem" specimens.

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Discipline Specific Workcells

User screens combined with discipline specific functionality can be highly configurable and provide unique Workcells for Chemistry, Hematology and Urinalysis.

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Specimen Tracking

Reduce technical staff distraction from testing responsibilities and decrease time to find a specimen by an average of 60%.

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Business Continuity

Business continuity solutions to maintain continuous results production when your LIS is unavailable, whether it is planned or unplanned downtime.

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