What is Moving Averages?

Moving Averages provides a tool to continuously monitor stability, providing early detection and notification for subtle analytical shifts not always detected by standard QC methods. Moving Averages Desktop™ allows you to monitor any test, any work area from anywhere on your network in real time.

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  • User-configurable protocols – define which instruments, tests, number of data points, and algorithms to be used in monitoring performance
  • Levey-Jennings style charts to display performance of multiple instruments for any assay in real time from anywhere on the network via Moving Averages Desktop™
  • User-defined criteria allow you to segment certain types of results and types of patients from the calculations and manual exclusions allowed with audit log traceability
  • Calculate your target means/median and target standard deviation from your unique patient populations automatically
  • Optionally, integrate with autoverification to further automate patient results review process to increase efficiency
  • Notifications can alert you by a variety of electronic means including email and computer alerts or visually via a light pole when any instrument, any test being monitored begins to shift or drift. You will be alerted before a small concern becomes a big problem.

Why Moving Averages and Assay Selection

This video explains why you should be using Moving Averages. It also tells you how to get started by establishing a starter set of analytes.

Length: 28 minutes

Initial Protocol Setup

Watch this video to learn how to set up a Moving Averages protocol and creating a dashboard using Instrument Manager v8.16 or higher.

Length: 27 minutes

Refining Protocols

After you’ve had your protocols set up for a bit, the next step is to refine and troubleshoot them. Watch this video to learn how to do this using best practices.

Length: 24 minutes

New Dashboards in 8.16.01

There are new Moving Averages dashboards included in Instrument Manager v8.16. In this video we explore those dashboards as well as some other new features included in this version of IM.

Length: 21 minutes

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