Congratulations to the top 20 hospitals in the U.S. according to U.S. News and World Report.
What do they all have in common?
They all use EP Evaluator.
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The Evolution of the Laboratory with Instrument Manager
See how a typical DI customer implements tomorrow’s laboratory, today.
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Use our system redundancy solutions to keep your lab running even when the primary system becomes unavailable.
Available in IM v8.15
Watch videos to learn how each system works.
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Why DI?
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Data Innovations is more than just middleware.
Find out all that DI has to offer laboratories.
Instrument Manager
T o d a y .
Instrument Manager is the leading
Laboratory Middleware product in the world
and optimizes connectivity between
your instruments and LIS.
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L a b ,
T o m o r r o w ' s
D e l i v e r i n g
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functionality you didn’t know you
already had with Instrument Manager

Hospitals and laboratories are more efficient with Data Innovations.

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Data Innovations is in hematology chemistry molecular urinalysis coagulation toxicology microbiology laboratories all over the world.

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